Discover Poland!

Why should you visit Poland? This European country has a lot of things to offer to you as a tourist. The best time to visit is in summer time, but if you enjoy snow then winter is the time to be. On this article we are going to let you know all things you can do in Poland, and why visiting it is worth the money and time.

Culture, Castles & More
Poland is full of culture. You can visit many museums in the capital and other historic places. If you want to take a travel to the past, or more exactly to the WWII, then visiting Auschwitz concentration camp is a must. Even though it can be a quite saddening experience at the same time, it will allow you to know and discover some of the most destructive and chaotic parts of European history.

If you want to know more about one of their best scientific, Nicolas Copernicus, then you must visit Torun. Here in this city you can do a lot of things, from preparing by yourself one of the classis desserts in Poland, the piernik, till discover all about this famous and revolutionary scientific. You can even go to one of the tallest towers in the city, which will allow you to see the city from the top view point. Torun is kind of small but its unique architecture and style will make you fall in love with it.

And let’s not forget about the capital city: Warsaw. Here you can visit the National Museum, which will bring you a good view on the most important points in Polish history. If you enjoy classical music, then you must know that Chopin was Polish and there’s a museum in his honor named Frederic Chopin Museum. Here you can visit the famous audio rooms and presence some of the most important points in Chopin’s life. There’s even a room which showcases the last Chopin’s piano.

Poland is a place that allows you to discover all its history by visiting the multiple museums you find across the country.

Castle are popular all over Poland. You can find the Malbork Castle, which you can visit by yourself or in tours with a group of persons. This castle is special because it was founded by Teutonic Knights whom used it as a headquarters in this territory, whose principal function was of serving as a refuge for these knights whom were fighting against their Polish enemies. If you have the opportunity to visit this castle, and even better if you do in a tour, you will be able to see and hear some of the most important aspects of this history that surrounds this castle. Not for nothing it’s considered the top attraction in Malbork city, and it’s because it’s visited by a lot of tourists every single year, and as it seems its popularity is increasing a lot.

Poland is a perfect place for tourists. You can visit beaches in Gdansk and enjoy history and culture all over the country.