Top 5 places to travel in the UK

If you are a travel buff and want to visit some attractive places across the world, a great option is UK. United Kingdom is generally known as Great Britain or UK. This is an autonomous state and this is situated off a northwestern coast of inland Europe. It’s made up of four nations, namely, Northern Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. If you’re travel buff then you’ll know the need for a high quality, reliable and durable pen. Be sure to check out Gear Hungry. You’ll discover an expertly chosen list of pens to suite your budget.

An overview of UK

UK is enclosed by the Atlantic Ocean, Irish Sea, English Channel and North Sea. The place is the only area that has the large border. The place is actually considered to be amongst the advanced nations of this world, having the sixth biggest economy. This is considered to be a world’s first industrial nation. This has observed two world wars that led to decay of its territory and also damaged its budget by a vast amount. Below we discuss the leading places to pay a visit to in UK. Then if you love the UK enough you’ll consider a permanent residence there! Thus Harlands will be the perfect place to go for help!

The district lake

Situated in North West Britain in the region of Cumbria, the Lake District is the second biggest National Park of UK. The fundamental attractions are the mountains, lakes and slopes cut by cold disintegration and giving sensational and motivating view. It is Britain’s head goal for climbing and hiking. Among the most well-known spots to visit in the United Kingdom, the recreation center is gone by around 14 million visitors every year. If you are opting for any student travel companies, be sure to check out World Strides.

Cambridge and Snowdonia

Cambridge is considered as the charming English city that is located on the River Cam north of London. As the house to one of this world’s top campuses, named, the University of Cambridge. It has the entire entertainment and cultural options that you might expect from the college city. One of the best places is The King’s College Chapel. It is situated along the River Cam. It is known as the great example of vertical Gothic architecture as well as it is one of the greatest visited tourist attractions in the city.

Snowdonia is the marvelous national park. There is essentially no other approach to portray the dazzling 360-degree perspectives of the mountains, valleys and drift beneath. On a crisp morning, guests can even observe Ireland. Situated along the bank of Grains, Snowdonia is home to Snowdon, the most noteworthy mountain in Wales and Britain, and the biggest lake in Wales. This is considered as the third biggest national park in the Unified Kingdom. The company having the name of MayDay Travel can be of great help to you in knowing about the famous places of UK.

Chester and Cornwall

Not a long way from the fringe with Wales, the city of Chester just lies on the River Dee in Cheshire, Britain. The town is over 2,000 years of age that implies there are a lot of history, culture and design close by crossing a few times. Unmistakable nineteenth century high contrast restoration engineering can be found all through the city. The Roman and medieval dividers enclosing the city are one of Chester’s greatest vacation destinations.

Cornwall is amongst the famous places of UK. It has been quite popular for the beauty. The city looks amazing and considered as a popular tourist destinations amongst all the tourists. The rocky cliffs and ocean has made it extremely popular in UK.


How to get a UK National Insurance number


The National Insurance number (most commonly abbreviated to NI) in the United Kingdom was introduced with the National Insurance Act of 1911. Since then, this number has been used to identify every person with a job and ensure that every citizen of UK contributes to the state. This regular contribution finances the basic services of the state – healthcare, pension and welfare. Though it may seem a little bit complicated, the procedures involved are really simple, once you get to know yourself with the regulations. Keep reading to find out the most important facts about the UK National Insurance number, including EU and non-EU residents.

What exactly is the NI number?

Every citizen of the United Kingdom may or may not be eligible to pay the aforementioned contributions to the state. Once a resident of the UK reaches 16 years of age, he or she becomes eligible and receives a NI number. It is a unique code comprised of letters and numbers which a person carries for the rest of his life. This number will stay the same even if you marry, change your name or move to another location or country. Thanks to this number, every contribution and tax you pay will be recorded and you can also access other services of the NHS, data about benefits and you can also vote in the UK elections.

When can you get an NI number?

In order to apply for an NI number you have to fulfill two basic conditions: you need to have a UK postal address and a phone number. One thing to remember is that you can begin working in the UK even if you do not have a NI number. This is quite common because your employer can supply your temporary number. Take note that you will have to arrange a permanent NI number as soon as possible, services such as NI Apply make the process easy.

Who needs a NI number?

Every person 16 or older who is  working needs to have an NI number. This means that every employed or self-employed person will receive this number. There is an income limit which determines which people have to pay taxes and contributions. Every employed person who is making more than 155 pounds per week is obliged to pay National Insurance contributions. This amounts to 12% of your income.

NI number for EU citizens

Every person interested to apply for an NI number needs to contact the Jobcentre Plus. This is the service responsible for NI number matters., You can contact them through this telephone number: 0345 600 0643, every workday from 8:00 to 18:00. You will have to answer a couple of questions about your employment and current residence. After that, an apointment will be scheduled. Be sure to bring important documents such as your passport, ID card, residence permit, birth certificate, driving license, marriage certificate, and other documents you might be requested to bring. If everything checks out, your NI number will arrive withing three weeks.



Staying Healthy While Travelling Abroad

Every person needs to make sure that they take all the necessary steps in order to be covered in case something happens to them while they’re travelling abroad. They might end up injured or get ill while they’re out there, and they need to know how to stay healthy and avoid all of that. So, besides having an updated EHIC card from someone like , there are some steps that you ought to take in order to be sure that you’ll stay perfectly healthy while travelling abroad.

  1. Receive All the Necessary Vaccinations

It is really important for every traveller to be vaccinated before they venture on a journey to a foreign country. There are some countries where some diseases are prevalent, and taking vaccinations against them would make sure that you will not catch them. Do some research about the diseases that usually appear in your target countries, and protect yourself against them. It is always wise to consult your doctor, and do everything he says.

  1. Wash Hands

No matter if you’re going to a foreign city or visiting a country just to enjoy the great outdoors, you need to know that keeping your hands clean is a must! A lot of germs might wind up there, and they could be the carriers of common colds or even flues. That is why you need to wash your hands frequently, or if you’re in the nature, take some hand sanitizer with you. That will keep your hands clean, and yourself healthy at the same time.

  1. Ear Right

Eating right and well could be a bit tricky when you’re travelling, but you need to make sure that you do it somehow. On these travels, tourists usually don’t have access to clean ingredients for food preparation, and have limited food options. But, keep in mind that keeping your immune system in check is really important, and you can do it by taking some supplements, and eating the food that healthy, and healthy alone.

  1. Keep Exercising

You might be on your travelling vacation, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop with your exercise routine. Do those exercise while you’re out there; of course it won’t be the same, but you need to make do with what you’ve got. Exercise in your hotel room, on the beach, or you can even join the local gym. Just make sure you convince your mind that your body shouldn’t start loosening up, and keep reminding it that even though you’re on your vacation, you’ll still be exercising just like you’re back home.

  1. Meditate

Meditation is not something that everyone does, but you can do it to chase away the stress and keep your mind and body calm and clean. Make sure you get enough rest and combining that with meditation, you should be able to feel great, as you should on your vacation. This will improve your immune system, and that will make you healthier. This means that you can have more fun while travelling without thinking about health issues.


What to do if it rains during holiday

Rain is good for the land and there are some people that enjoy it a lot. The smell the rain brings is one of the most beautiful smells on this planet, according to most people, and it would appear that rain is something most people look forward to – but not when they’re on their holiday! When it rains, you just can’t go exploring your holiday location, nor can you have fun outside. However, there are some things you can do, which don’t have to by any less fun or exciting. So, let’s check them out.

Accept it

The best course of action would be just to accept the fact that it is raining and stop soaking all day. If it’s not raining too had, you can even go outside and enjoy it! Bring an umbrella with you, and start feeling the nature as the rain starts engulfing it. The green will become a lot more greener, and the colours of the flowers will just boom. You can witness all of that, and besides the fact that it rains, you can have a lot of fun doing that. It is sure to stop raining so once it has stopped, you are able to enjoy the sunshine again and participate in activities such as Zoomarine by Algarve Fun. Although you are able to enjoy these activities in the rain, it is always better in the sunshine.

Talk to locals

Ask the local people what they like doing when it rains, and then start doing it with them. Meeting new people and new cultures might not have been on your holiday to-do list, but now you can do it. You’ll get to know their culture a bit more, and you might even learn a thing or two. All in all, it won’t be a time lost, it will be a time in which a lot has been gained.

Enjoy your hotel

Hotels were made to accommodate everyone, and even the people who don’t like leaving them, even when it’s not raining. That is why there are so many activities you can indulge yourself within it, and have a lot of fun without even leaving the hotel.

Most hotels have indoor swimming pools, and if it rains, this should be an ideal activity for you. You can act like you’re on your beach, and have fun with your friends or family there. You can enjoy swimming, playing games in the water, and doing everything you usually would in a beach (except building a snow tower, of course).

Then, you can decide to go to the spa. Most hotels have their own ones, or you could get a ride to the nearest one. Now you have an excuse to stay in a spa all day long, and just get as relaxed as possible. Enjoy everything the spa has to offer, and make the best out of the situation you’ve found yourself in.

Exploring the hotel is another thing you could do. A lot of hotels have stuff that the guests did not even know about, and you should try to find and figure them out. Also, you could talk to the people at the hotel, with most of them being at the hotel bar, and ask them about their holiday. Compare experiences and achievements, and learn from others just like the others would learn from you.



Most men visit a barber shop to groom themselves. Of course, like women, men go to these salons because the barbers are the one who have sufficient knowledge and expertise to cut with clippers, shave facial and body hairs, manicure, cleanse the face etc.

Now, what are the different types of services that a typical barber shop offer? Here is a comprehensive list of the basic offerings for a good grooming experience with the Fulham barbers in London.


This is a typical service of every barber shop you see not just in the country but globally. Shampoo and a haircut go well together because they are basic needs and these things are the easy keys to look good and fresh. A detailed haircut will be very dependent to your preference. After the haircut is done, then the shampooing process will follow.

Now, for men who have longer and fuller hair styles, the service starts should first begin with a shampoo or conditioner. Then next to it, the hair stylists will apply various techniques to achieve the desired haircut then blow dry and further stylings will follow. Some other barbers give a razor neck or sideburn shave in addition to this package. If you’ve never had a cutthroat shave, and have used safety razors.


This kind of package is great if you wanted to have a relaxing scalp massage other than the haircut and the shampoo which the barber offers.


These services are most enjoyed by adults with grey hairs, teens who want to look in-style or adults who would like to look younger. Complete hair color are offered to people with grey hairs due to age so that it could cover up the original color. Now, if the costumer do not like a complete hair color change, then he could choose a simple blending of the grey hairs. Experts would just add some brightness and texture to the grey hairs for them to look nicer. The price of these coloring services depends on the color added. To be clear with the deals, you need to consult the barber.


Many barbers in London are still using the traditional single-blade razor in shaving the facial hairs because the customers love the after effect of this procedure. They said it is what they prefer because there is utmost pleasure of this shaving technique and a great after-shave effect. For the head, most barbers who perform shaving with an open razor.

Now, the services vary from one barber shop to another. Like for example, some shops start the shaving by applying a steam towel or pre-shave oils to lather along the skin. Some others apply after shave massage and ice-cold towel for a finish. Also, some other packages from different salons include a classic straight razor wherein the shaving is done twice to achieve a closer shave. Furthermore, some barbers in London also offer a neck, back and side, ear, nose and throat which is combined with a Traditional Wet Shave or Wash and Style to make you look sharp and attractive afterwards.


Barbers are very experienced in trimming the moustache and refining it to a new shape. Plus, they could properly trim the beard according to your specifications.

Small touches that have been discarded over the years at other barbershops are a key aspect of a QG grooming experience. After every grooming service, you will leave the QG feeling refreshed and revitalised.